7 September 2008


OK, this is just wrong.  Hotdogs should NOT be in jars, just, NO!!!!!  And really it should be known that you are not fooling us with the American Flag on the jar.  Noooooooooo!!!!  But who does not love the other one called Mini Wini!  I mean that is funny!


Helen said...

I kind of like True Man as well! Heee! But I have a friend in the US who fed her toddler on weinies in a jar all the time! So they must sell them over there!

Stacey said...

NOOOO!!!!!! Blech.
Really, I'm shocked!

~Elizabeth~ said...

Mini Wini... that's like something you would give for vengeance to an ex, not serve as a meal!
I like the "Light bite!" at the bottom too... no kidding!

Stacey said...

LOL! No kidding!

I missed the light bite, hysterical!!!