28 April 2008


This is one of Josh's favourite toys.  It's been hidden for awhile, so it was a big deal when it came out today.  I love it because you can personalize it.  So basically Elmo says Joshua a lot.  Very cool.


Mindy and I met for our usual Sunday Coffee Gabfest.  We have not had one in awhile, so it was nice getting back into the groove.  We do the same thing each time, so we usually don't have to say where we are going after coffee.  Unless there is a special request.

26 April 2008


My Olive Magazine came today.  It's such a pretty cover.


This is cool!  I was in Woking today with my friend.  She pointed this out and asked if I had read War of the Worlds.  I then remembered that it was Woking that the aliens first appeared.  This is an interpretation of what the Martian looked like by the artist Michael Condron. 


I visited the dentist today and asked him if I could take a photo.  Yes, he thought I was strange.

23 April 2008


This is a postcard I received back in the early 90's I believe.  It was from my Best Friend Rich.  I love it and will keep it forever. (Rich was killed in 1993)  (I hate the glare I gt on so many of my pictures!) 


This cracked me up.  You can't see it, but it says that this is the first ever 3-D Magazine Cover.  It's seriously weird too!

21 April 2008


I drink about three or four of these a day.


It must be Sunday if there is a chicken in the picture.


The cupcakes I made from this mix turned out pretty well.  They were a big hit with the girls and Rich

18 April 2008


I needed to record this so people believed me about the cost of a ticket to London.


I could not resist.  They are not the cutest feet, but I love them!

16 April 2008


My mom brought this over when Josh was born.  I keep it to please her.  But really, I mean come on!!! (Sorry Mom!)


I bought these a few years ago off ebay.  I wanted something a bit more realistic.  They are not to bad, but not what I had in mind.


We received these cards for Josh as a present.  They are really cool, very colorful.  I'm hoping one day soon he will learn from them, and not just trow them around.

13 April 2008


First picture, a few books from my collection