22 September 2008


My parents deck.  It's just gorgeous out there!!!


We had a party for a bunch of my HS friends.  This is Joe, Ken and Nancy's son.  Josh and Joe are BFF now!!!


This is my room at my parents house.  It's very 80's platform bed built in and carpeted!  It's a mess as well.  


Liked it, didn't love it.  Might have had something to do with Clay Aiken's (He was great!!!) fan club being there and people screaming every time he came on the stage, which was always!


Josh and daddy looking at a sticker book on our way to the USA!

16 September 2008


I bought Josh the Peppa Pig Camper van.  It's been a HUGE hit!  He loves it and plays with it constantly!!!


I cleaned up Josh's toy's bring some upstairs (He is to old for them) He still has to many and so many little pieces to things.


Flowers from my neighbors party


This is the tent my neighbor put up in the back garden.  He had a huge 50th birthday party for himself.  Yes, those are stars on the ceiling over the dance floor.  Cheesy, I think so!!!!  (He is not though BTW!!!)


I'm hoping to get to do my hair before we leave.  It's not looking good though.  I guess I'll just bring it with me.


Josh has a lot of bath toys, so I bought this net bag to hold a lot of it.  


I can't wait to see Josh drag this around the Airport!!!

10 September 2008


Poor Pedro, Josh does not seem as interested to ride him much anymore!!!


I can't believe this is not ice cream!  It tastes just as good, if not better!

7 September 2008


OK, this is just wrong.  Hotdogs should NOT be in jars, just, NO!!!!!  And really it should be known that you are not fooling us with the American Flag on the jar.  Noooooooooo!!!!  But who does not love the other one called Mini Wini!  I mean that is funny!


We went to a beautiful park yesterday for Rich's company's summer party.  Despite the rain, we had a lot of fun!

5 September 2008


A friend of ours sent this card to thank us for a baby present we sent for her new little girl.  I LOVE it!  I need to find out where she bought them.


I bought some of that silver dip that everyone was raving about on the forum.  It's AMAZING!!!  My silver jewelry looks brand new again!  What did I do without this stuff!?  (Not where most of my silver jewelry basically!!!)


New Buzz joins his friends, Woody, Peppa and Nemo.  It's a nice diverse collection our kid has!  I'm very proud.


Alas,Buzz, (Or Old Buzz now) went to his resting place in the sky. (Really though he is up in the third bedroom)  So one email later and New Buzz appeared.  Thank goodness, the boy can't sleep without him!

1 September 2008


To infinity....and beyond....


Rich made cars out of cups for Josh.  No, I don't see if either.


Rich and Josh were hiding under his aqua map having a nice conversation, it was really cute!


Walking to get Josh, it's just so pretty!


I know I've posted about the mess before, but today was unusually bad.  Quick to clean up, but still!