30 May 2008


Today is Rich and my fourth Anniversary.  (Well kind of, legally we were married in the January before)


These are my favorite coffee mugs.  Josh got them for me for Mother's day last year. (There are two more just like these as well)  I don't know what it is about them, but I love drinking coffee out of them.  

28 May 2008


This is the appliance I use most in our house.  I can't wait to have separate machines one day.  Big ones.  The kind that eat these tiny ones;)-


Am I a geek for having two computers?  I hope so!!!!;)-


I'm calling this a trike, though maybe it has another name.  M gave this to Josh.  It's 18 years old, belonging to her oldest first.  Josh rides it all over the place, even the gravel that is impossible to ride on.  He tries anyway.

25 May 2008


I love sour sweets these days.  I never used to, which is strange.  I went into Woolies today and got my stash for the week.

24 May 2008


This is what we sat in for a couple of hours today.  FUN!

23 May 2008


I went shopping today.  I've been looking for a double breasted Mac for a while now.  I also bought four books, only one of which I planned on buying.  Look Mag. (My new sub. starts next week)  and an anniversary card (I'll be married four years on the 30th.) 

22 May 2008


The Courtyard outside my door.  It was gorgeous out today!


I LOVE Iris's.  These were growing in front of a neighbors house.

20 May 2008


This is part of the view from our bedroom window.  I could look at this for hours!


How cute is this duck!  I mean seriously!  She came into the park and was looking for food.  No one seemed to have any though unfortunately.  

19 May 2008


This is Josh's b-day present from my In-laws.  


Skyping with my sister, she was getting ready for work I think.


This Memorial is in the graveyard that is next door to me.  I've heard there are others, but I've yet to find them.

15 May 2008


I am SOOOO excited to watch this movie!  It was one of my favorites growing up. (I was reminded of it on a UKY thread) I ordered it on Amazon and my mother brought it over.  Yay!


While walking into town, we came across this beauty.  This is the only picture I managed before she took a snooze.

13 May 2008


A boy and his shadow.  This will be the last picture of Josh (I think) since I'm starting a 365 dedicated just to him this coming Sunday. (His 2nd Birthday!!!!)


My Mac.  It's fabulous, but honestly, I don't know 1/4 of what it does.  But what I do know is pretty awesome. 

11 May 2008


Ahhhhh, my first iced latte of the season.  It was pretty good!


I went to Molly's Swim (Meet) Gala with Mindy and James.  It was loads of fun!  Molly did so well.  I took a video to prove it!


My new Mobile.  No, I didn't need one. (I have a problem!)

8 May 2008


This is one of Josh's books.  He got it from Rich's work for Christmas.  He likes it because it plays music.  I like it because it's not to annoying.


This is my computer.  Well one of them.  It's silly that I have two, but I can't seem to commit to just one:)-


Josh is now in his bed and he seems to love it.  It helps that the kid loves to sleep, just like his parents.

5 May 2008


We call Josh Monkey Baby, so this cookie seemed appropriate.  It was also cute that he was wearing his Paul Frank Julius Monkey shirt while eating it!


This is the graveyard right next to our house.  I love it.  I'm not sure why, but I do.

3 May 2008


I have hundreds of videos.  It should be illegal for me to buy anymore!


I need to start looking through this book.  I'd like to get my Citizenship sometime this year.  I think I need to wait a bit though because I might have been out of the Country more then is allowed.


This is actually a pretty neat toy day.  Josh usually has his toys everywhere.  

1 May 2008


It's been gloomy here for the past week.  But gloom seems to look better in sepia.


My two most favorite objects in the house. (I'm kind of kidding!)