14 April 2009


Went to the Diner with my dad for lunch today.  Josh was happy not to sit in a highchair.  

I'm DONE!!!  So happy and proud of myself!  Thinking I will start again, just go here:

(So original, I know!)


A view out the window of our plane on the way home.


My sister and I were having a blast in the biggest Disney Store in the world. (In Downtown Disney)  We tried on loads of hats and laughed our a$$es  off. 


I loved that when you walked into DHS it looked like it was set in the 50's.


I love Epcot, it's just so pretty there!


I so wish this was my final picture.  Oh well, just imagine it is;)-


Our Hotel in Downtown Disney


Josh got a cool present today from my mom's friend.  I've been playing with him all day!


On the way to visit my sister in da Bronx today


Went to the park and the floor was made of this stuff.  Pretty cool.


Josh was trying on my mom's hats tonight.  He loves them!


Josh and daddy had fun playing with Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket on the plane

1 April 2009


Walked past my favorite graveyard today.  It's looking gorgeous in there again.  


I had to go to my consultant's for a test today.  I've been meaning to take a picture for ages.  This place reminds me of a Laura Ashley store display.  It's very relaxing and peaceful in there, I'll say that.


On the way to pick up Josh at Nursery I saw this tree was blooming.  Reminded me of Cherry Blossoms in DC for some reason

29 March 2009


How cute is Molly in her Cadet Uniform. (I called it a costume first!)  She even won a medal!


The men who own the freehold of the land that our house is on decided to park this ugly camper in the second visitor space.  They think by doing this one of the home owners will cave and buy the spot from them.  WE WON'T!!!  I'm getting ready to cover that piece of crap up though;)-


Josh made a tunnel for his trains to go through.  

27 March 2009


Josh's Vitamins, which he reminds me to give him.  "Mummy, don't forget my Itamins!!!"


Josh is up to three Pizza sticks now.  He is just eating so much, it's great!


I'm a bit concerned! :/


This is one of my Mother's Day gifts this year.  A digital frame.  It's very cool!


We went to see my In-laws for Mother's Day.  We went back to a pub we have been to I think a little over five years ago.  The view is gorgeous and the food was as well!


We went to town today to see my friend Amy perform in her Rock Choir.  They were fabulous! Mindy and her girls met us!  I tried to embarrass them by dancing!

20 March 2009


Ever since Geeta's Popcorn picture I've been craving it.  I made some today and it was YUM!  My picture is not as good, but hey;)-


My mean husband left this out to torture me (I'm convinced)  I was so tempted to take it and run.  Slather on some butter, YUM!!!  Curse HIM!!!


Time flies.  This picture was taken a year ago.  Josh has not changed that much (IMO)


Happy St Patrick's Day


I was not feeling well at all today!  Poor me!


Went to Ikea today.


My mom bought this for me from the US.  At first I was kind of bummed because I love Ranch, (I'm not as bad as some people though) but I do like certain brands.  BUT, I was pleasantly surprised.  First with the little hole pouring thing.  It' brilliant.  Just the right amount comes out, and, it tastes great!  I'm hooked!  I hope they have a blue cheese too!


I bought a card for my mom so I could send it to her for the Mothers day in the US.  


Mindy gave these to me for Christmas and my Birthday!  They gave me the push to sort out my British  Citizenship.  YAY!!!


I'm so excited!  This came in the post today.  My ceremony is on the 29 April after we get back from NY.

10 March 2009


I love this time of year.  It's starting to get warmer and the flowers are blooming.  Spring is in the air.


I received the letter exactly a month after my appt. with the checking service, though, the letter was dated 28 Feb.  So excited!  My ceremony will be 28 April after I'm back from the US.


The building society (I don't know what to call them, Rich and some of the other people in our building development) have placed these logs on the grass up along the Drive in hopes people will not park there.  It looks kind of cool I think.


Josh and Madi had fun jumping off the ledge today.  It was not a far jump, but they both managed to fall down a bunch.  Neither of them seemed to care though, they screamed with laughter the whole time!


Rich loved the brownies I made so much last week, he requested more.  I made these for the party we are going to tomorrow.  


I know!  I saw it in the theater with my chick-flick friend.  I liked it.  I bought it when it came out.  Second time around not so much.  I wonder why?

4 March 2009


I was looking out the kitchen window and saw Mr Frog sitting near our door!  He seems to want to come in!!!


My new phone! It's Red!!!  I LOVE it! 


It WILL be put away soon.  I think Rich just wants to clean it before putting it away.  I'm sad, another reminder my baby is growing up.


I asked Rich to buy all three noses.  He bought two and some toy you throw and it laughs.  Josh is scared of the toy, of course!  Why didn't he just listen to me?


We took off the protective cushion thing we've had around the table since Josh could walk.  Getting ready to cover the table with a nice table cloth and have Josh eat at the table, rather then use his highchair, which we are putting away!


Another Magazine, but I was so excited to find this in my small Smith's train shop.  (You can usually find them in the bigger ones, in London)  

This whole Octo Mom thing, makes me cringe.


I'm really sad for Jade.  No one deserves this!  

25 February 2009


Josh asked Rich to make a mommy for Harold and voila! 


Jill and Avery came over today.  They are leaving to go back to NY in a month!  We will miss them, but will see them when we visit my parents. (Funny that Josh has to sit in the highchair and Avery has been out of hers for ages!  I was hoping he'd follow in her footsteps. NOPE!)


Josh finally got Harold to add to his collection.  It was between him and Bertie the Bus.