30 June 2008


My two favorite ladies on TV.  Well I have others, but these two are my favorite mother/daughter characters.  I missed them.  So glad they are showing the series from the start here.

(Although I do have every season on DVD!!!)


This is where we have our Sunday Coffee mornings.  It was empty today and I have no idea why?  No queues, Nothing, I loved it!


Here are just a few items we bought at Costco today.  I love it there, but we don't have a big enough house or family to really go to town and take advantage.  Not to mention we have to travel an hour to get to the closest one.

27 June 2008


I went to visit Mindy at work today.  It was two hours of fun for me!  (And her too I'm sure!)

26 June 2008


This is the Shoe area in the store Josh got his haircut today.  I don't think there is a pair of shoes for under £50.  The only bargain in the whole place are the haircuts that cost £11.50.  The rest f the store is gorgeous, but they jack up the prices way to much. That is Guildford for you!

25 June 2008


This is Brigitte Dale, one of my favorite Podcasters.  She makes loads of expressive faces and I tried to capture my favorite.  It was not easy.  (Check her out, she is very funny)


Some books I need to take to the charity shops in town.


There is a huge field of emptiness on the way to town.  Sometimes there are Horses or Cows grazing.  Those are Josh's favorite days as he loves to see the animals!


I've been have a prawn caesar salad craving for days now!

21 June 2008


I did it.  It's not like it's all that net in there, but almost all of the wires are gone and it's so much easier to get through it all.


Madi came over today to hang out so her mom could go to work for a few hours.  We had a blast!


Josh can't get enough of this book!


Isn't Josh Classy!  He stuck his head into his rice krispies this morning instead of using his spoon.  His 365 has a picture of him after he was done down. chowing.


This is what we have been watching ALL DAY LONG!  I hate it.  I hate that all the episodes are only five minutes long!  Argh.


I didn't notice this before or that Josh had even been scribbling on the furniture!  BRILLIANT!


All the drawers in my lounge look like this.  It's my goal to clean them up and downsize.  We do not need all of these wires.


We finally watched this and while it was not awful, it's not worth keeping.  I had it sold within a day on Amazon, not bad.

13 June 2008


FINALLY! I LOVED it.  Totally worth the wait.  I hope they don't wait as long to do more movies!

12 June 2008


I had to see the Dr today.  My GP's office is in an old icky building that is falling apart.  For over a year they have been waiting to move to their new location.  I dare not even ask when it will be anymore.  

11 June 2008


This is the top of Josh's play cooker.  I think it's so pretty.  I just wish it popped a bit more.  The color is much better in person.


I must admit, I like to indulge in my weekly rags.  I especially love that I am guaranteed mail at least twice a week.  And look (hee) Jen is having a baby. (Not that she is pregnant yet or anything....


YUMMMMM, Yes, I used the spray cream, but It was damn good!

8 June 2008


Tofu for all my friends!  Rich found some fresh stuff in Waitrose and I found the shelf stable stuff in the Polish/Chinese shop in town. (Well, Mindy found it, but I would have eventually, the shop is small!)

7 June 2008


Rich's subscription.  I like the show, but somehow just don't dig the magazine at all.  Oh well.


I spent the day with Madi and her mom Luci today.  We were in H&M and she tried these on.  I wanted to buy them for her, but didn't know if Luci would mind. (Turns out she didn't)


All Day, Everyday!  At least it's fun to watch.

4 June 2008


Not much in there as usual.  But especially because almost everything R bought this week expired after a day or two.  Lots of beer in there we will not drink.  Need to give it away.


Josh likes to destroy our lounge everyday.  It's a talent.

2 June 2008


This is pretty much what I eat everyday for breakfast.  Oatiflakes and banana, coffee as well.


I think this is lovely, except for the murky water.  Ick;)- Guildford's lake? (Canal, I don't know?)  Thank M, it's The River Wey


My glass of wine while out at the Tup today.  It was yummy!