30 June 2008


My two favorite ladies on TV.  Well I have others, but these two are my favorite mother/daughter characters.  I missed them.  So glad they are showing the series from the start here.

(Although I do have every season on DVD!!!)


Vicki said...

Is that the one where Rory hasn't broken up yet with Dean, but is sort of seeing Jess?

Oh, or the one where she slept with Dean?

stacey said...

Heee, it's the first season when Rory breaks up with Dean for the first time and she refuses to wallow. God I love this show. Ohh and now we have Jess coming soon. I love Jess!

Vicki said...

That one was just on here a week or so ago!

stacey said...

Cool! You know it's weird, I never noticed how much L and L liked each other from the very beginning. I don't know why?