25 February 2009


Josh asked Rich to make a mommy for Harold and voila! 


Jill and Avery came over today.  They are leaving to go back to NY in a month!  We will miss them, but will see them when we visit my parents. (Funny that Josh has to sit in the highchair and Avery has been out of hers for ages!  I was hoping he'd follow in her footsteps. NOPE!)


Josh finally got Harold to add to his collection.  It was between him and Bertie the Bus.

22 February 2009


I hope you all can see the tiny houses and trees.  It was cool, but got a bit old after a while.  The kids loved it though.

21 February 2009


On the way to the park, walking by the river.  


These were blooming on my walk home from town.  I love them, always a sign that spring is coming.


Arrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!  These are not our keys, these are my SIL's keys!  BUT, I gave them to my MIL, not knowing we even had them.  Needless to say we ate our dinner out (For R's B-day) in five minutes flat and rushed home.  Thank goodness Laura and Charles were home!

Went out again though and saw a movie, so all was not ruined.


Happy Birthday Rich!!! XXX


Uggghhh, this has never happened before.  I was really panicked!  Of course I just googled iTouch white screen and was flooded with solutions.  (Just hold the power and home button at the same time for 10 seconds and it will reset)


I bought a new hair brush and elastics yesterday.  So exciting that I can use them again. (I didn't need to brush my hair when it was short)


I have not been to McDonalds in ages!  It was soooo GOOD!!!!


Happy Valentines Day.  I'm not a huge fan TBH, I don't need a special day to tell people I love them. But it is nice getting presents:)
It was a beautiful day today.  Makes living where I do all the more worth it!

13 February 2009


This is the card my parents sent Josh.  It came with stickers that Josh decorated the card with.


I've had this for awhile now.  I've never filled one out, so I have no idea what to expect.


Josh decided his friends needed a ride on his horse.


I am so excited!!!  We bought this yesterday.  Valentines day sorted for me!!!


Got this HUGE Tabasco at Costco today.  Thinking about it, I should have bought two! (I go through the little ones weekly!)


I will be taking this paperwork to a National Checking Center to make sure I have everything I need to send in for my Citizenship.  


A walk by the river today to feed the ducks.


I took a walk to town today and the park was still pretty much covered with snow.

5 February 2009


A couple of days later and it's just gross!


Josh has been doing this a lot.  Lining things up, then counting them.  It's funny, till you trip over it all.


The day after, it's not as pretty:(

2 February 2009


We got over a foot today.  It's still coming down.  I'd love to know how we will get rid of all this snow?  It's going to be a mess here for awhile!!!


My friend Snu made this for me ages ago.  I have it hidden so Josh will not break it.  I had to take a picture of it yesterday for her to post on FB, so I thought I'd show all of you as well!


We went to visit Jill, Jesse and Avy today.  We took a walk and saw some ducks (Which we fed) Then we stopped and saw these ponies (Shetland I believe)  So cute.  There was a horse as well.


I'd never been to the Globe before.  I LOVED the tour, well worth the money.  I really want to go see a play this summer now too!


You guessed it, I'm on the third and final (sniff) series.  


I made one for us and then ended up making two more to give my mom and sister.  


Josh started moving stuff around, and it ended up like this.  I'm thinking it's better then a lot of the stuff in the Tate Modern;)-


Our new Brita, I love it!


They cut down the huge tree in our garden right before Christmas.  I had a great view of the stump from Laura's flat.  It was dead and needed to go unfortunately:(